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About Us

Voizzo VoIP, Cloud Communications, a Dallas based Business VoIP provider is revolutionizing the telecommunication industry with our innovative Unified Communication platform which delivers premium VoIP phone service and cloud communications for small to large businesses in Dallas and throughout the United States.


Plans & Partnership

We provide our customers with flexible plans, advanced phone systems and reliable enterprise phone service, all at a business friendly price. Voizzo VoIP partners with Yealink, the global leading VoIP and Unified Communication phone provider to give our customers brand new phone equipment for $0 upfront.  With their new Yealink phones our customers will stay up-to-date with all the latest phone features through our advanced Voice over IP (VoIP) and unified communication platform. Voizzo’s system evolves with the latest technologies and continuously updates its VoIP phone features so you don’t have to upgrade your phone system again...

Voizzo T58 Yealink

We know how important your business is, so with our VoIP and Unified Communications service you will never lose a call or a customer with our 99.999% industry leading up-time. Our 4 Data Centers located throughout the United States including our headquarters in Dallas provide our customers with the reliability and security you need for your business communications. 

Your business communications are about to get a lot easier
Small business prices, big business features
Secure & Reliable

Never miss a call with our 99.999% service guarantee and industry leading reliability rating.

Big Business Benefits

Enhance your professional image and customer experience with our all inclusive Voice over IP features. 

$0 Equipment Costs

Upgrade your old desk phones to an advanced enterprise VoIP phone system with $0 due upfront. 

Mobilize Your Office

Integrate your cellphone with your VoIP business phone system so you can make and receive calls from your business number.

All the big business benefits without the high cost and complexity

You’re a few clicks away from saving money with the best-in-class Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system. Voizzo keeps your business connected at a great rate!


Fill out the information below or call us at 866-565-4472 and learn how you can upgrade your phone system for $0 upfront!

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