Our Mobile App

Our Mobile App Makes Sure Your Business is Mobile Ready!

One of the best VoIP features that we have in our system is our mobile app. This allows you to fully access our cloud-based phone system that is set up to let you and your customers have the best call experience possible. Connectivity is in the palm of your hand - you can run your business and make all kinds of transactions using a phone, tablet, or any type of device!


Collaborative Call Experience

As mentioned above, you can make calls from anywhere and use any type of device - be it desktops, tablets, or mobiles. From there, you can sync your presence across any platform and proceed to do whatever business needs to be done.

It doesn’t matter whether you need to have an audio or video call. Through our cloud calling feature, you can simply launch any type of call you need with a single click. Get connected and conduct the needed transaction.

If you require to have emergency meetings, you can just use the video meeting feature to set things up and proceed with face-to-face communication. This will help build more trust and earn the confidence of customers and business partners alike.

Automated Attendant

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CRM Integration

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SMS Messaging

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Failover Protection

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Call Recording

Our Mobile App Features

Voizzo’s mobile app offers several outstanding features. The following are some of the best and most useful from a business and communications standpoint:


Enjoy our chat and messaging feature that is virtually unlimited while being able to use various channels. You can also make easy transitions from the chat feature to video meetings and conferences.


Packed with one of the most comprehensive call features in the industry. Make and receive calls, move your calls, utilize call recording, and many more that serve to maximize call experience.


With all of the features included in our mobile app, you’d think that it is complicated to navigate or even understand. Contrary to that, our app and the entire system are extremely user friendly and intuitive, you or your customers won’t get lost in moving from one feature to the next.


Upgrade your business today at an awesome price.

You’re a few clicks away from saving money with the best-in-class Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system in Dallas, TX.