Our VoIP Service

Voizzo’s VoIP Service ranks among the best in the telecommunications industry. Ever since we started in 2001, we have provided the kind of communication solutions that businesses require. 


This is based on our state-of-the-art Unified Cloud-Communication platform that we use to deliver the latest phone service system that represents the cutting-edge in telecommunications technology - premium VoIP service.


Delivering Seamless Customer Experience and Business Support

A system that delivers seamless customer service as well as business support. Is there a system that truly delivers on both fronts and with equal results? At Voizzo, we have put such a system in place that is proven and has delivered results for many diverse companies since 2001.


With our own Voizzo VoIP system, we are more than capable of providing the needs and requirements of successful businesses in connecting with their customers. The field of telecommunications is one industry where rapid changes and constant development are the norms. 


That’s why it’s such an important factor in the growth and development of every kind of business. From creating awareness about their brand to keeping in constant touch with established markets, telecommunication is a key component.

Automated Attendant

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CRM Integration

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SMS Messaging

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Failover Protection

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Call Recording

Voizzo’s Diverse VoIP Features

At Voizzo, we offer only the latest in phone service systems, which is the innovative VoIP system that is the foundation of our extensive telecommunications service.

You and our other clients can avail of the following comprehensive VoIP features. Those features not just provide connection but also provide unrivaled clarity in delivering vital data and information.

Unlimited Access to Voizzo’s Online Portal

You get unlimited access to our online portal - which is Voizzo’s business VoIP cloud service. That happens to be the foundation of our phone system that is designed to transform your own system. It’s bound to be a major upgrade that will see everything from system administration, call features, caller experience, and more get to a whole new level.

Industry Leading Business Support

Our VoIP cloud service next-level business support that will grant you easy access to all of your business locations. You get the benefit of an extended workspace for your team as well as provide a venue where all of your users and customers can converge. All business-related communication will be integrated into the phone system that you utilize. It will give you a unified platform of communication that is both fast and clear


Key Call Features

Enjoy the use of key call features that are meant to add to the caller experience of users and customers. Call forwarding, for example, will ensure that your callers have a positive call experience every time they contact you. We’ll make that happen by customizing your business phone service settings and automated system. With call recording, our system will help you maintain your professional identity. Using your business number, you’d be able to send or receive messages on any type of device.

System Management

With our VoIP service, you are assured of getting total system management over a proven platform. You’ll get the results that you expect plus more from system features such as brandable portals that are open to all user levels, custom integrations that allow you to take advantage of the best features of various CMS.

Upgrade your business today at an awesome price.

You’re a few clicks away from saving money with the best-in-class Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system in Dallas, TX.