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Voizzo Business Pro
We offer our business customers flexibility in choosing a term that best fits their needs.  Best of all, with the Voizzo Business Pro you pay $0 upfront for your new business phone system and have access to our suite of VoIP features that are listed below. 
If you don't want to sign a contract, we offer our month-to-month plans at competitive prices  for your business. Upgrade your business phone system at a budget-friendly price and enjoy our suite of VoIP calling and phone features.  
Small business pricing, big business features
With Voizzo VoIP, our business customers have access to all our VoIP features at no additional cost.  Using the Voizzo Client Portal, our customers can enhance their professional image by customizing their business phone features.
* Commonly Used Features

Cloud Hosted PBX

The business VoIP cloud service transforms your office phone system administration, call management, and caller experience with our suite of VoIP features.

Call Management

Ensure your callers have an enjoyable experience contacting you by customizing your business phone service settings and automated system. 

Devices and Service

VoIP cloud phone service offers business support for you to easily access all your locations, incorporate all of your users and integrate with the Yealink phone system.   

  • Customer Portal–Admin and User Levels*

  • ANY U.S. Area Code for Local Presence *

  • Find Me/Ring Multiple #'s in Sequence*

  • DID's-Unlimited did's for Entire Staff *

  • Unlimited Long Distance in the U.S.*

  • Automated Auto-Attendant*

  • Caller ID Name & Number

  • Dial by Name Directory

  • Company Directory

  • Toll Free Calling

  • Call Forwarding (Manual/Programmed Auto)

  • Call Reports - Calls Made/Missed/Received*

  • Call Recording (Full/Auto/Selective)*

  • Call Routing by Groups, Depts, etc.

  • Message On Hold (Customizable)

  • After Hours/Holiday Forwarding*

  • Music On Hold (Customizable)

  • Dial by Extension or Name

  • Call Monitoring/Coaching

  • ​Day/Night/Lunch Modes*

  • Remote Call Forwarding

  • Call Logging

  • Prioritize Voice via Advanced Router

  • Page/Intercom by System or Group

  • Special Ring Groups/Departments

  • Instant Meeting/Conferencing*

  • See which phones are in use*

  • Automatic Call Re-Routing

  • Backup/Outage Routing*

  • Simultaneous Ring


​​Easily create and customize voicemail inboxes and greetings for your business. Access your voicemails on the go.

Business SMS

Maintain your professional identity by using your business number to send and receive text messages on any device.

Smartphone Application

Your cloud-based office phone system is packed with convenient features that put your business in the palm of your hand.  

  • Professional Voicemail for Every Station

  • Voicemail to Email*

  • Greetings

  • ​Cell Phone Integration (Multiple Types)*

  • Messaging from your cell phone

  • Application for IOS and Android*


You’re a few clicks away from saving money with the best-in-class Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system. Voizzo keeps your business connected at a great rate!


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