Network-based Business Continuity Critical to Cloud Transformation

As we watch data-sensitive industries like healthcare and financial services move mission-critical business applications to the cloud, reliable network connectivity is increasingly becoming a key priority. And it's not limited to these two segments. Mid-size enterprises of all types—ranging from retail and manufacturing, to consulting and education—view highly available network connectivity as a vital business necessity.

Now more than ever, businesses that have moved sensitive information to the cloud are more exposed to network outages. These outages can result from a variety of sources ranging from fiber cuts and flooded wiring, to software glitches and security breaches, to any number of natural disasters and last-mile access impairments. The ensuing downtime and customer disruption can cascade through the organization, resulting in lost employee productivity, system outages, missed customer calls, and ultimately -- lost revenue and damaged reputation. These risks make business continuity and network diversity solutions critical issues for all customers today.

While organizations realize the need for reliable connectivity and want to prevent unnecessary downtime, many do not have the necessary in-house IT department or a reliable IT partner to help them implement an effective business continuity solution.

"Midmarket companies are challenged in creating true access diversity ... [with] sixty-five percent of midmarket companies ... challenged by the reliability and resiliency of their links."

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